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A Notice of a Very Sad Happening

posted Mar 23, 2015, 6:54 AM by Forgotten Sea   [ updated Mar 23, 2015, 6:57 AM ]
shadow falcon
By now, most people have already heard about the heartbreaking misfortune which befell a family from our Barony of Forgotten Sea. I have no better words to describe the sad events, and planned methods of providing some relief, than what I have already seen posted on various forums, so I will repeat them here.

the Brooks family from Barony of Forgotten Sea suffered a huge setback traveling home from Gulf Wars. On their return trip, their vehicle caught fire and all equipment riding with them was completely lost. Fortunately all passengers were able to exit before the vehicle was consumed in fire...but Calontir has lost its Falcons. The Brooks family are known for the beautiful Falcons they share for everyone's medieval enjoyment.  .... Please keep track of this sweet family and help them in the days to come."

 More from Lord Andromir:
I have created a PayPal account for this purpose to assist in collecting. I have bigger plans for the use of this account to be brought forward at a later date...but the account is titled Falcon Fund. The intent is to collect funds to be dispersed to Lora Ann, Fredrick, and Liam (The Brooks family) via their bank account or to a disposable gift card. This is a convenient way to those in and out of Kingdom to show their kindness...otherwise, collection points for those wishing to give "made/purchased" pieces will be announced at a later time or you may contact me via private message. To connect to the PayPal account, the name is Falcon Fund and the email associated is andromirvukovic@ymail.com. Should you still wish to donate, but not via PayPal...still contact me privately or during the upcoming collection point.

Please consider helping the Brooks family in any way that you are able.

Baroness Ylva
Forgotten Sea