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A Message from the Crown

posted Jan 26, 2015, 6:48 PM by Forgotten Sea   [ updated Feb 15, 2015, 7:46 PM ]
Calontir Arms

Greetings to all Nobles, Peers, and Populace Members in Our Barony of Forgotten Sea.

We give glad Gratitude to Baron Logan and Baroness Ylva for proudly serving and wearing the Trident Coronets of Forgotten Sea with honor and dignity befitting true Nobility. As they have humbly asked to retire from their service and pass the Coronets on to other Worthy individuals, We have reluctantly accepted their resignation and shall seek to Invest a new couple to wear the Coronet.

We have accepted the candidacy of two fine pairs of individuals who would serve as future Baronage:

Ld Søren atte Raven and Ldy Rowan del Wich
Ld Niall Mac Broin and Ldy Aine nic Tailliuer

Please provide Commentary to Us and Our Kingdom Seneschal in regards to these individuals as potential Baron and Baroness of Forgotten Sea.

Commentary will be accepted until Midnight of April 10th. (Send comments via email to Falcon-Crown@calontir.organd Seneschal@calontir.org

We intend to conduct Final interviews at Kingdom Arts and Sciences, and announce Our decision in Our Court then.

Horse and Falcons looks to be the most appropriate venue for a Baronial Investiture. As such, the Barony can set its mind at ease, knowing that the future is secure, and set to task preparing for what may come next.
Anton and Isabeau