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Man saves Spinning Wheel from Hot Car

spinning wheel in hot car
Kansas City, MO. (KCDR)-- A man said he came across a spinning wheel locked in a hot car, sweating, peeling and appearing unresponsive on Saturday afternoon.

The authorities confirm they responded to the Forgotten Sea Event Site around 5:20 PM Saturday for a call about a spinning wheel trapped in a hot car.

"I was all like there's a spinning wheel in that back seat!" said Robert of Flatulent Pass

A sight Robert of Flatulent Pass never thought he'd come across after a day on the fighting field. Walking back to his car he says he found a Castle-Style spinning wheel, alone, and in a hot car.

"I could see sweat trickling it’s drive wheel and footman, and it just became really real,” Pass said.

Pass knew he needed to act fast, and he says no matter what it took he was getting that spinning wheel out of there. He tried breaking the window, fearing it was too late, but then a glimmer of hope.

“I ran to the ice merchant and borrowed a cart and 25 bags of ice. I tried to ice the top and hood of the car down but the spinning wheel still looked like it was in danger!" Pass said.

"So then I just grabbed the window as hard as I could and I peeled it back some and just stuck my arm in there and opened the door and got it out and picked it up and it just felt lifeless. Pass says he found a cell phone in the car, called the last number dialed and then a man ran out claiming to be the owner.

"I'm like 'No, you're not taking my spinning wheel!.' My fear was that he would jump in the car and leave and there's nothing that we could do," Pass said.

Pass says he called 911 and soon the Fire Marshal, and Lord High Sheriff.

"It took us about 5 to 7 minutes to get it out of that vehicle and who knows how long it was in the vehicle before that or even how long since it was last used," Pass said.

The Lord High Sheriff says that if a spinning wheel is in a hot car, no legal crime has been committed. However the act is highly irresponsible and smacks of questionable integrity of the owner.