Fall War College 2016

Please join the Barony of Forgotten Sea on October 1, 2016, as we take on the time held tradition of training the army!!

Continue your pursuit of prowess with a day of training, drills, discussion, practice, and hard work!

Curious about Fourth Company? Come be a part of the discussion! Ask questions, share ideas, and get tips from Fourth Company veterans!


Key-note Speakers include:

Proconsul Xerxis
Matsunaga Kazoku
Sir Gustav
Sir Colyne
Snorri Riddari
Sir Martus
Lady Cecelia de Gatisbury

Event site: 8415 South Corn Rd., Oak Grove, MO 64075
Directions to Site: Find your best route to I-70. Take exit #24 at Grain Valley south on Buckner Tarsney Rd.
Drive 3.5 south to Nebgen Rd and turn left. Turn right onto Corn Rd. Use the southern most drive for entrance.

Site opens at 10:00am and closes at 5:00pm

Site fee: Adult Registration: $10, Adult Member Registration $5.  Youth and Children under 18 Free.
(make checks payable to SCA, Inc. – Barony of Forgotten Sea)

Forgotten Sea,
Aug 26, 2016, 5:15 PM