Baronial Letters of Intent

Letters from Baronial Candidates

On Facebook, a member of our Barony asked what the candidates for Baron and Baroness of Forgotten Sea planned to do if they were chosen. Below are their replies, in the order in which they were posted.

 Mistress Miranda Logansdottir and Honorable Lady Allison of Forgotten Sea
(Lady Allison posted the letter they sent to Their Majesties)

 Unto Their Royal Majesties of Calontir, Anton and Yseult,

Come now greetings from Mistress Miranda Logansdottir and Honorable Lady Allison of Forgotten Sea,

It is our desire to inform you of our intention to apply for the positions of Baronesses of the Barony of Forgotten Sea, upon the retirement of Their Excellencies Soren and Rowan. 

Change is never easy, but especially when two people so beloved are stepping down from a position where they served the Barony and Kingdom well and with the utmost honor. We hope that the change and transition to a new baronage is an easy one which will continue the Barony’s long tradition of success and community.

It is our intention that within these pages, you will find two passionate candidates to replace Their Excellencies of the Barony of Forgotten Sea. Within these pages you will find our SCA resumes and qualifications, along with our thoughts on the future of the Barony. 

First, Mistress Miranda has lived in the Barony for 29 years, as she was born and raised within the SCA. In that time, she has been an active member of Calontir for 15 years. She began her SCA career by being the event steward for multiple Kris Kinder events, multiple Horse and Falcons events, a Bloody Trident event, and the coronation of Their Graces, Martino and Ariel’s, most recent reign. In addition to these positions, she was the baronial Chatelaine and then served as the Baronial Seneschal from 2014 to 2016.

On the Kingdom level, Mistress Miranda held the position of Kingdom Reeve and has been a Lilies War Committee member for close to ten years. Her service to the Barony and Kingdom has been dutiful and freely given. Service is Mistress Miranda’s passion.

Honorable Lady Allison has been a citizen of Calontir for 7 years. She has held several positions on the baronial level, including: knight’s marshal in training, co-event steward for Kris Kinder, baronial Chronicler, interim Webminister, and a member of staff for several Forgotten Sea events.

At the Kingdom level, HL Allison has been Kingdom Webminister twice, first from 2014-2016, and is now serving her second term, beginning in 2018. She has been on staff at Lilies War for several years, helping with on-site issues and creating and updating the Lilies War website. Allison has also played an integral part in organizing activities, fundraisers, and helping to bring the different orders of the Calontir Fyrd together and eliminate cultural bias between the orders.

The Barony of Forgotten Sea has been a strong and healthy barony for several decades. Our hope is that we can continue this tradition while providing support to both the Barony and the Kingdom. However, there are areas that we feel might benefit from some additional attention. There are two outstanding points that we feel are areas of opportunity to improve to keep the Barony moving forward and successful.

1. Recruitment – This area’s growth is an aspect of our game that is necessary for the health and continuation of the Society as a whole. We would like to support our local Chatelaine by encouraging every member of the Barony to remember that they are an ambassador for this organization. To accomplish that, we would like to encourage and host classes and roundtable conversations on how to present the Society positively to potential new members to increase membership growth.

2. Support for Smaller Local Groups in Calontir – We have become aware that many local shires and cantons are struggling within our Kingdom to find willing staff and volunteers for their events. This makes it difficult for the local active members to avoid fatigue and sustain their activity levels. We would like to encourage the Barony and the individual members of its populace to offer assistance, when available, by helping staff and volunteering at shire and canton events. This can be accomplished by volunteering in the kitchen, running an arts and sciences competition, sponsoring a tournament, or many other service activities that the Barony has the populace numbers to provide. We would like to do our part to help provide reinforcements to the shires and cantons of Calontir who may be struggling.

In conclusion, we would like to thank Your Majesties for the opportunity to apply for this position. We fully understand how important it is for the Kingdom to have strong and compassionate leadership at the baronial and local levels. We would like to emphasize our recognition that this is not a singularly fun and flashy position, but a serious commitment and a great deal of work. We intend to strive to be excellent representatives of the Crown and the Kingdom of Calontir at all times. We simply hope that we can represent integrity, hard work, and compassion for the populace of the Barony of Forgotten Sea.

In Service to Crown and Kingdom,

Mistress Miranda Logansdottir & Honorable Lady Allison of Forgotten Sea


Honorable Lord Kitsu no Taro and Tatar un Sechen
(Response posted by Tatar un Sechen)

Honorable Lord Kitsu No Taro has been a long time member in the SCA, becoming a Triple Fyrdman, and Double Houscarl in Calontir. He has been Kingdom Rapier Champion twice, Gulf Wars General twice, Baronial Archery champion, Current Baronial Rapier champion. Order of the Sword. First and only Kingdom Rapier champion by right of arms. He has participated in heavy combat, thrown weapons, Archery, and Cut and Thrust. He has marshaled many events, and quietly taught fighting techniques to newcomers through the years, building a solid reputation as a man of Honor. He has also been a single parent to an exceptional young woman who has been by his side since she was a wee one, growing up in the SCA to be a double Fyrdman in her own right. His baby has grown up, and is starting her own life, so now he is ready to devote himself more deeply to the game we all love. We are excited to increase our participation and involvement.

Lady Tatar-Un, Sechen, relatively new to the SCA, has served Aston Tor as Chatelaine, during which she has initiated contact with the owners of the Renaissance Festival Grounds, and they have responded to the Aston Tor Seneshal in a very positive way. We are hopeful that we can re-establish a workable relationship as the Renfest is a great recruiting ground for us. 

Sechen has also contacted the Nelson Atkins Museum, and made us available for demonstrations, and has had a well-received Museum Walk in garb, making contacts with the staff, several of whom have expressed interest in the SCA on a personal level.

The Baron and Baroness are the official conduit between the Crown and our Barony populace. We are well aware that we are here to serve as figureheads for our Barony. 

The key word is service, and it is understood that we are at the service of the populace, not the other way around.

It is very important to us that we understand people’s concerns, and foster new ideas for the growth of the Barony, that will reflect well on the Kingdom, and will continue to maintain the open door policy that is in place by the current Baron and Baroness. 

In light of recent events, many of us have had to examine our consciences, and we are hoping to see the development of an initiative that will educate people, and offer resources that define consent, safe behavior, support to these endeavors. No one wants to lose a great member because they made a mistake, on either side of the issue. Clearly defined parameters of behavior may serve to protect both parties. The flyers in the port-a-potties were a great example of this. Friendly, timely, and succinct. 

A key interest for us is recruitment, and we are eager to encourage the Baronial Chatelaine, in her endeavors. We would also be interested in developing a task force of willing folks to assist new members with making their first good garb, when they are ready to step beyond the beginner t-Tunic. Sort of a beautify the Barony from the ground up effort. 

We are aware that recruitment is nothing without retention, and we want to build a program for newcomers to thrive in, and become happy members of our World in the Dream. To this end we pledge our service to you, and wish all the contestants the very best. We are content to trust the populace and Crown with the choice and will be supportive of any outcome. Thank you.


 Honorable Lord Gerald Kendall and Mistress Alianora des Amandiers
(Posted by THL Gerald Kendall)

 We, Alianora des Amandiers and Gerald Kendall, view the Barony of Forgotten Sea as a shining beacon in the heart of our kingdom. We endeavor to not only retain that status, but to also encourage growth and happiness within the Barony. We have seen the increase in local participation and growth in the arts under the leadership of Soren and Rowan, and wish to continue their successful efforts. 

At this time, we do not plan on an overall agenda or policy that we feel needs changing. However, we look forward to being flexible and active with the management of the Barony. 

Thank you for your consideration, as this weighty decision is not only for the short term, we recognize the long-term impact baronages have on the SCA in terms of interest, growth and developing the society’s ideals in the future. To whoever you chose to sit in your stead, we support and look forward to a bright future!


 Master Brendan Mac an tSaoir and Lady Fabia Narcissa Patricia
(Posted by Mr. Brendan Mac an tSaoir)

Good Gentles,

Lady Patricia and I are grateful that we can be part of the selection process for the position of Baron and Baroness of Forgotten Sea. With such a qualified list of candidates, there really is no wrong choice and we look forward to many happy and active years in Forgotten Sea in the knowledge that the Barony is and will be in good, caring, and capable hands.

The Barony is running exceptionally well thanks to the solid leadership of the Baronage, Seneschal, and the Great Officers of the Barony and we are happy to announce that, should we be selected, we don't have a list of issues we think we would have to fix. Rather, we have areas in which we would like to serve.

Of course we have ideas. I would like to work with the Marshallate community and see where we can bring the different areas of marshal activity together and have a strong and cohesive Barony of Forgotten Sea presence on the fields of Martial Endeavors. Patricia hopes work alongside the Great Officers to promote and encourage the Arts and Sciences, Heraldry, The Clarion and website, the Marshal activities and Chatelaine projects and to foster a sense of belonging in the barony for newcomers and longtime members.

We both have benefited greatly from the service of of volunteers. Baron Soren and Baroness Rowan are just one example of volunteers performing the duties of what amounts to a second job so others can enjoy the pageantry and fun of the Society for Creative Anachronism. We would appreciate the opportunity to serve in this capacity so others can freely enjoy their SCA experience. 

If you would like to know more about us or our qualifications, please contact us. We welcome conversations with the good gentles of the Barony, both during this time of selection, and beyond.


Snorri Riddari and Mistress Allesandra de Piro
(Posted by Snorri Riddari)

 Greetings to their Majesties Calontir from Snorri Riddari and Mistress Alessandra 

We send you greetings, and hopes this missive finds you enjoying the pursuits of the season of summer, while keeping cool in the summer heat of the Heartland. Despite the chilly temperatures experienced at Lilies this year and our recent respite it appears that summer once again looms on our horizon, we are hoping you are recuperating from your toils at the weather of weapons of Pennsic. 

However, this missive is not about the weather, but about change. News has come that Their Excellencies Forgotten sea have decided to retire to their estates after long years of service. While saddened by this news, as they were exemplary servants of the Crown, I, Snorri Riddari, was also thrilled at the opportunity to serve the crown in a manner I have never been able to before. I have been every officer that you can possibly be, seneschal, exchequer, castellan, and marshal, but I have never had the opportunity to serve in the role of Baron. Due to my experiences of office, I understand what it takes to make groups work, developed the diplomacy and tact to ensure all voices are heard while making the best decisions for the group, and how to put people where they will succeed. Now that my two-year stint as a homebound teacher on Wednesday nights are over, I will be able to engage with the Curia on that night. My professional life as a teacher lends itself to be able to organize large groups of people to all be headed in a similar direction, and I will certainly bring that experience with me to the office. I swear on my honor as Riddari that I will do the best job I can while wearing the Baronial coronets of Forgotten Sea and make my predecessors proud of my service.

In any great Barony, a balance must be struck, forged through communication, trust, and respect. I, Mistress Alessandra de Piro, have traveled this Kingdom and into foreign lands but am always called home to Forgotten Sea. As a member of the Order of the Pelican, I have served our Kingdom as a seneschal, royal scribe, archer general, a marshal, and on countless retinues. It is always my goal to inspire artistic passion, marshal prowess, and a love for service in those I meet. From my experiences, I feel that this is a position that I would be able excel at, facing any challenges that arise both gracefully and tactfully as a united team with Snorri Riddari. Both professionally (as an educator), and within the Society, I have shown my abilities to stay calm under pressure, organized, and work with others to meet the set goals. It would be my great honor to serve the Barony and Kingdom as Baroness. 

 In closing, both Mistress Alessandra and I have traveled together to Gulf Wars and have found that we not only travel well together, we also have many similar ideals and mindsets. We can discuss things together and see the others point of view to look at situations to problem solve. Together we believe that we can serve to be Their Majesties voice and serve the Kingdom in an appropriate and exemplary manner. 

Snorri Riddari
Alessandra de Piro